Calypso S60 1.0

Classic-feel, amusing platform game

It was supposed to be a routine call, some shouting in some building in some industrial complex. Probably an ex-employee or some drunk. Me and Murry get there, and before we knew what was going on, these massive vegetables were swarming the walls and coming at us.

I saw some cucumber that must have been eight feet tall pick up Murry and throw him around like a rag doll. Tomatoes were throwing live grenades and this huge potato - and I mean huge - with these dead glowing eyes, started lumbering towards me. I tripped on a vine just in time to see three lemons strapped with explosives blow up our squad car. I thought we was goners.

Then suddenly, I smelt whiskey and heard some guy yelling and laying down some suppressing fire for me and Murry to get out. Turns out that the building was a lab where they used to do crazy experiments on fruits and vegetables. This guy’s name was Malony, said he was the only member of the Anti Mutant Fruit and Vegetable squad who survived budget cuts….

Game Features:

  • Five massive bosses that will make your skin crawl
  • Laser, rocket, flame thrower, machine gun and sword weapon upgrades
  • Beautifully illustrated, action-packed, levels
  • Loads of fruit and veggie enemies looking for trouble
  • Heroic storyline
  • Good ole' classic arcade shoot‘em up game play

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Calypso S60 1.0